Lanterns Court Estate Office

18 Denison House
20 Lanterns Way, Lanterns Court
London, E14 9JH, England

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Nearby Lanterns Court Mudchute Animal Farm

Mudchute Park and Farm is located in the middle of the Isle of Dogs. It is the largest city farm in London. 32 acres of countryside in the middle of the Isle of Dogs to share with friendly fur and feathered creatures. Available for events, community groups or just simply your family picnic.


The farm can be easily recognized by its main courtyard containing the Mudchute Kitchen and the Farm entrance is next to the horse riding arena.


Mudchute is the name of a locality just south of Canary Wharf on the Isle of Dogs in Docklands, London, England. The name of the area is in testament to the engineering overspill when Millwall Dock was being constructed in the 1860s. Spoil from the excavation of the Dock, and silt from its channels and waterways were dumped on nearby land, using a conveyor system.

Mudchute Animal Farm
Distance: 15min walk
Museum of Docklands
Distance: 20min walk
Royal Observatory
Distance: 30min walk
Canary Wharf
Distance: 10min walk
Lanterns Court Concierge
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