TV across UK is going digital.
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Monday, 23 January 2012 07:56

London TV region switches to digital in April.

London TV Region switches over to digital!


TV is going digital. The existing analogue TV signal will be switched off and replaced with a new, stronger digital TV signal. It will mean that almost everyone will be able to receive digital TV through an aerial (Freeview).

Digital TV also uses less broadcast space which means that after switchover, there will be more room for new services such as wireless broadband, local TV and High Definition Television (HDTV).

To keep your TV service, you will need to convert your TVs to digital before your area’s switchover date.



The Crystal Palace transmitter group, made up of the main transmitter and its local relays, serves Greater London and parts of the home counties.

The transmitter switches in tow stages on 4 April and 18 April to give people the chance to check their equipment. It is important your TV is converted by stage one.

If you have Freeview, then you will need to re-tune on both switchover dates.

Digital TV offers new ways to enjoy your TV service:

  • Greater choice of TV channels
  • New features such as on-screen listings, interactivity, audio description and subtitling for people with visual and audio impairments.
  • Optional additional channels and services including premium channels(e.g movies, sports), broadband and telephony.

To find out what services are available where you live, click here in order to compare services with the digital options table.

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