Parking Jeopardy near Lanterns Court
Written by Concierge   
Saturday, 11 February 2012 13:20

Scratch your head and think again before leaving your vehicle on a yellow line!

Parking Jeopardy at Lanterns Court

ATTENTION: We have detected increased activity of the men with sun glasses!


Many drivers come across a traffic warden at some point in their lifetimes. Those who do not are either unquestionably lucky or exceptionally careful. One of our friends has unfortunately gone today through rather unpleasant experience of something he has never participated in before. He left his comfortable car on one of double yellow lines in Millharbour for "10min" only. On his return, instead of sitting himself inside his automobile, he had no choice but to observe the vehicle being towed away by a monster truck to a location-to-be-learnt-yet.


The good news is that, if one finds himself in a similar pickle, there are number of options given to us by the London Transport in form of the DLR, the Tube, the Red Buses and of course cabs.



ADVISE to Residents as well as visitors:

  • Do not leave your vehicle on double yellow lines - they indicate a prohibition of waiting and parking at any time
  • If parking on a yellow line see 'Information signs' and 'Road markings' informing about the times of operation
  • If parking in a Pay & Display bay make sure you actually pay and display your receipt clearly behind the windscreen
  • If there is no space left in Pay & Display bays seek further advise at the main Concierge Desk in Denison House


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