Why am I receiving bills from Wilson Energy for hot water and heating when I am not using it?




Q: I have noticed that the meter for the Heat Interface Unit located within my apartment puts on 1 unit overnight and 1 unit randomly during the afternoon. Why is there being a consumption recorded even though I am not using hot water nor heating? This happens also even if I disconnect the water feed supply at the stopcock. Am I consequently over paying my bills?


A: No, you are not over paying for your bills. Even if you disconnect the water feed supply at the stopcock above the unit water will still enter the HIU and charges will accrue because there is another water inlet supply which is designed to allow water to trickle into the HIU and across the hot plate within the unit in order to provide instantaneous hot water when demanded via a hot water tap or shower. Without the water trickle it would take a considerable period of time for the water to be heated and run to the point of demand.


Furthermore, the additional inlet supply is designed to allow a flow through the HIU and prevent  the water from collecting within the pipework dead leg which could allow stagnation and allow legionella to breed which is a serious Health and Safety issue.


As water continues to enter through the HIU for the above reasons the hot water trickling through will register on the meter which will creep up by a couple of units per day, even if no one is in the apartment using the water.


The HIU’s are covered against defect for twelve months from the point of service inclusive of both parts and labour. The intention is for the units to be serviced annually as part of the Service Charge and therefore the units will continue to be covered until such time as the maintenance contractors feel the units are too old to be included under this type of maintenance arrangement.