What is a HIU and who is responsible for its maintenance?
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Monday, 27 July 2015 08:36


Q: What is a HIU and who is responsible for its maintenance?


A: Hydraulic Interface Units (HIUs) located within each apartment deal with the hot water distribution between heating and domestic hot water. All HIUs require servicing by a specialist engineer in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. The HIUs form part of a communal heating system and not having the units regularly serviced can have a detrimental effect leading to the communal system not performing as efficiently as it is designed to, resulting in higher energy bills.


All HIUs within the apartments are required to undergo annual servicing commencing normally from November/December. When the time comes all Residents and Managing Agents are advised to contact the Estate Office to arrange an appointment. Copies of the letter advising of this are always delivered to all flats and also displayed throughout common areas as well as on Lanterns Court website.

Once servicing of a HIU is completed the unit is covered under a maintenance agreement against breakdowns.






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