What shall I do if I have issues with heating and hot water?
Written by Concierge   
Wednesday, 26 August 2015 11:52


Q: What shall I do if I have issues with heating and hot water?


A: Should the heating within an apartment ever stop working we advise to ensure in the first instance that the power supply switch within the utility cupboard where the HIU is located is ON. Also, please check that the Honeywell heating controller’s batteries are not drained and the heating is turned ON.


If the issue is with domestic hot water from taps please ensure the entire property is affected and not just one kitchen tap, a shower or basin mixer alone.


Should the heating still be not working or/and all taps not supplying hot water after the above has been followed, please contact Concierge on 075 0087 9215 or the estate office on 020 7536 0493 for us to organise for a specialist engineer to attend.


IMPORTANT: All HIUs require servicing by a specialist engineer in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Once servicing of a HIU is completed the unit is covered under a maintenance agreement against breakdowns.






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