Additional keys for windows & balcony doors
Written by Concierge   
Thursday, 09 February 2017 09:06


Q: In my apartment I have only a single key which opens both the balcony door and also the large window.

How can I purchase additional keys please?


A: The key for window & balcony door locks originally installed by the developers is:

  • Single sided pre-cut window key to suit Roto window handles
    Cut to key number: 2D057


Copies of this key can be ordered here:


Alternatively, the local locksmiths can cut a copy of this key:

  • Market Lock Safe
    3 Manchester Road
    E14 3BD, London
    T: 020 7515 2121



We strongly suggest to confirm that the window handles in your apartment
have not been replaced and are still Roto model provided and fitted by the developers.




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