Window Cleaning at Lanterns Court - Case Study
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The below is from Aquamark Cleaning regarding window cleaning at Lanterns Court



Dear Resident,


Re: Window Cleaning at Lanterns Court - Case Study

About the project

When it comes to cleaning the windows of stylish, multi-storey apartments in the city, the Aquamark Cleaning team has years of expertise. Indeed, we are regularly tasked with getting the sparkle back to the windows of the properties in Lanterns Court, London. There are more than 660 apartments within the complex, so we need to provide efficient commercial window cleaning that gets the job done quickly, professionally and with minimal disruption to the residents of Lanterns Court. Grime builds up fast on buildings in London, so we carry out expert window cleaning for our client every three months, enabling us to keep on top of the dirt and ensure the building looks as smart as possible at all times.


The challenges

Many of the apartments within the Lanterns Court complex feature Juliet balconies, which require specialist equipment as both sides of the glass need cleaning from the outside of the property. The building’s façade also has hard-to-access glass features that can only be cleaned using innovative solutions.


Aquamark’s expert solutions

We use a combination of abseil and water-fed pole systems at Lanterns Court, as this enables us to clean the windows quickly, efficiently and thoroughly. While water-fed poles are perfect for the lower-level windows, abseil technology means that we can expertly navigate the building’s façade and bring the sparkle back to the top windows. To reach the Juliet balconies, our team uses a cherry picker and an innovative double-sided brush that enables us to clean both sides of the glass at once.






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