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Thursday, 15 June 2017 08:45



Dear Resident,




We are writing to you again with the intention to raise your awareness on the importance of ensuring that all mains powered smoke alarms within apartments are well maintained and that backup batteries are replaced as and when required.


The most obvious sign that the battery of a smoke alarm requires replacing is when the alarm is emitting a regular single beep (approximately once every minute) indicating the battery may be running low.


Replacing backup batteries in smoke alarms is relatively straight forward. All you have to do is take the cover off, remove the old battery and fit a new one.


By ensuring that your smoke detectors are maintained and batteries are not running low, you could give yourself those precious few extra minutes in which to make your escape safely.


If you are in any doubt in respect to functionality of the smoke alarms within your apartment please contact the person responsible for the safety and maintenance of your apartment whether it be a Managing Agent or the Landlord/Landlady. If you are the Leaseholder may we please request you make the necessary arrangements to ensure that smoke detectors in your apartment are fully functional.


Last but not least, should you ever have to leave your apartment as the result of a fire please ensure that you:


  • Close doors behind whilst evacuating the building

  • Use the stairs and never use the lift

  • Call the Fire & Rescue Services on 999

  • Inform the Concierge on 075 0087 9215


If you have queries regarding the above please feel free to contact us on 0207 5360 493 or through the ‘Contact Us’ form.


Yours Faithfully,

Y & Y Management Ltd.




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