Y&Y Management Statement - Heath & Safety
Friday, 23 June 2017 15:18



Dear Resident,


Re: Y&Y Management Ltd Statement – Health & Safety


Following the tragic event at Grenfell Tower we as a company would like to reaffirm to you our commitment to ensuring your safety.


We have a robust policy in place when it comes to health and safety and fire related matters and we have always and will continue to comply with legislation and wherever possible not only meet requirements but exceed these.


One of our primary roles and functions as a residential management company is to ensure your safety and this ethos is delivered through our property managers, site supervisors, concierge team and the broader team within the company.


As part of our commitment to Health and Safety and Fire Assessments on developments we manage we expect all regulatory tests to be conducted in accordance with British Standards which includes all fire equipment and if any rectification is needed to be carried out these would be done and in accordance with British Standards.


Some of these tests and checks we insist on are noted below but not limited to as we are sure you will appreciate all developments do not have the same requirements, layouts or fittings:


  • Health and Safety report to be conducted every 12-18 months by an independent body

  • Fire Risk Assessment report to be conducted every 12-18 months by an independent body

  • Fire extinguishers and / or hose reels

  • Emergency lights

  • Dry & Wet risers

  • Fire panels and smoke vents 

  • Lifts 

  • Fire curtains

  • Sprinkler systems 

  • Landlord electrical supply

  • Landlord gas supply

  • Personal Appliance Testing within communal areas



On developments that have concierge in place further checks and tests are carried out and regular patrols are conducted within all communal areas and behind locked doors (that form part of sites responsibility) and if any action required this will be dealt with accordingly.


Our commitment to your safety and that of our employees is further extended to ensuring that all employees conduct a recognised training course as to Fire Warden and First Aid, thus equipping them with basic but fundamental tools in the unlikely event of an emergency whilst they are on duty.


There is currently much speculation and theories as to what caused the tragic event, and it would be wrong for us to at this stage conduct tests, checks or other until such time as the public enquiry has concluded, report published and through government if the case, new legislation is laid for all residential developments (were these to be high rise or not). We will of course work with any bodies that require information as to developments we manage and if there are concerns we will review and address these with the utmost importance that it deserves.


One of the immediate concerns appears to be centred around if the “Stay Put” policy is the correct one.  It is suggested that if at present your development has a “stay put” policy and if the fire is not in your apartment, then please adhere to this until such time as we are advised otherwise by authorities.


It is also pertinent to stress that the responsibility in relation to the safety and security of the development not only is with the managing company, employees and others associated with the development but fundamentally also lies with residents and their guests.


Residents should ensure that fire doors, smoke vents, automatic opening windows and any other fire equipment remains closed or is in place and not tampered with. Passage ways, stairwells, car parks and all other communal areas should remain free of any items. Refuse rooms should not have unnecessary clutter in them, refuse bags should be placed in refuse bins provided and if anything is not as it should be then this should be dealt with or reported.


Within apartments there are simple checks residents can do to further ensure your safety and a few simple examples of this would be as per below, however please revert to LFB website or others for more detailed advice or suggestions;


  • Weekly smoke alarm testing

  • Have carbon monoxide alarm fitted

  • Ensure all electrical appliances are tested

  • Don’t leave any fire doors within apartment ajar

  • Don’t leave candles or stoves or any other items unattended if burning

  • Know your escape routes


We appreciate that some residents will have concerns following the fire at Grenfell Tower, but we would like to reassure you that as managing agents we will continue to ensure your safety remains of paramount importance to us and we will act in accordance with legislation if there are areas that could be improved upon.


If you do have any concerns please do not hesitate to speak to concierge or the site supervisor in the first instance, if your development has this service. If not then contact your property manager via email if known or call 0208 211 1500 during office hours and inform reception of the development you are referring to and they will transfer you to the dedicated property manager.


Yours Faithfully,

Y&Y Management Ltd




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